• Good Morning, Sunshine Families.

    I hope you had a fabulous 4th of July weekend. Durango is such a fun place for community events. How lucky we are…

    The residents had a great time at our Independence Day Celebration. The Secret Garden patio was the perfect setting for our party. Feet were tappin’ as the jazz band played songs from their generation. The open bar added to the ‘happy level’ and the turkey wraps hit the spot. The decorations & bubble machine were nice additions and we finished the evening with a dessert bar of 8 different goodies. Success!

    This week is full of fun activities as usual. Resident Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday and the July Birthday Celebration is on Thursday. We have a new activity happening monthly called “Hot Topic” which will take place this Thursday. It is a lecture/discussion session with our Health & Wellness social worker, Jessica Mady, who presents topics that affect the elderly. This month’s topic is “Adapting.” On Friday, the Ice Cream Truck will be here at 12:30. Residents are encouraged to come to the front entrance and get a delicious sugar snack (on us).

    Have a great week!

    Michelle Player

  • Happy Monday everyone! I don’t know about you but I think all this rain is FABULOUS! It would be awesome if we could skip fire season this year.

    Did anyone get out and about to see some of the Playfest plays this last week? https://www.durangoplayfest.org/plays-and-artists-2024/ They were all fabulous!

    Please see the attached Life Enrichment schedule and menu for this week. I am OFF to the east coast tomorrow to take care of family and will not return until July 29th, so Michelle will be sending these emails out (probably from my email address) for the next few weeks while I am away. Rita can be reached for questions/concerns at [email protected] and you can also call her on her cell, 970-903-6643.

    We have a new performer coming on Wednesday July 3rd – Jonas Grushkin will be here playing piano at 1:00pm. He is an amazing pianist AND photographer – check out his website here! https://www.grushkin.com/about-the-artist

    Our 4th of July party will be in the Secret Garden, weather permitting, later that same afternoon. We are leaving the 4th of July open for families to come and visit their loved ones or take them out to celebratory events, so have no specific activities scheduled for that day.

    Other announcements:

    Coming up next week, we’ll have the Resident’s Council meeting on the 9th and the July Birthday celebration on the 11th.

    The Library Ladies will be here again at 10am with their bookmobile on July 17th – super fun for everyone to get to check out books and get something new every month!

    The sign-up sheet for Four Corners Foot and Ankle will go out on July 18th – they will be coming to take care of toenails on August 1st starting at 9:00am.

    The only other announcement I have for now (for July) is that Adam Swanson will be here for his monthly performance on July 24th at 2:00pm.

    I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July week! With all this recent rain, we get to have have FIREWORKS again. 😊



  • Good morning, Sunshine families!

    I hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

    I have attached our Life Enrichment calendar and menu for this week.

    The trishaw rides were a blast last week, so we will continue into the summer for all who are interested! These rides will happen on Thursday mornings for now.

    Mark your calendars for the upcoming Family Council meeting taking place in a couple of weeks (flyer attached).

    If anyone is noticing that their family member needs some care to their fingernails or toenails, please make an appointment for them to be cut at a nail salon, if you cannot do it yourself. We have several people whose nails are so long they are unable to do things easily with their hands. Four Corners Foot and Ankle only comes every three months, and they do not attend to fingernails. As of right now, we have no one who comes in for this service. Thank you!
    Have a great week!



  • Good morning, Sunshine families!

    So glad things are finally warming up and the flowers everywhere are in full bloom. Come and take a look at our Secret Garden, it’s more beautiful every day!

    Rita is out of the office this week, so please let me know if you have any questions or issues that I can try to take care of.

    Please see the attached Life Enrichment activities for this week, the menu and a copy of the minutes from last week’s Resident Council meeting.

    We are thrilled to be starting up our Trishaw rides again for the season – the first day for rides will be on Thursday the 23rd. We generally do two trips of two people each – as it gets warmer and if interest peaks, we’ll try to do more.

    I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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